Weekly eSports Recap 3/31

North America

  • HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 6 was casted by Gillyweed and Mehsiahh. Once again, our casters did a spectacular job, so show them some social media love! The competition was fierce this week, including some Heroes of the Dorm teams, as well as previous winners of the Amateur Series. However, none could match the power of Goat Gaming. The newly formed team marched straight to the finals to play against former champs Wild Growth (AKA Cats Gaming), where they won in a 2-0 set. Congratulations to the goats, and we look forward to more exciting competition in Week 7!

hh amateur series w6

  • Go4Heroes Americas Cup #17 featured many familiar faces from our amateur tournament, as well as a few ringers in the form of Evil Geniuses and TORNADO. Former Cloud 9 team members Zuna and Kenma propelled TORNADO to the finals, where they had a close set with Goat Gaming. In a back and forth nail-biter on the Haunted Mines, Goat Gaming clutched out the victory with a very exciting ending!

go4heroes na cup 17

  • ESL Major League Season 1 Playoffs was jam-packed with exciting matches featuring the top 4 North American teams. These guys put on a spectacle for us, which was accomanied by excellent casting by SolidJake and Cooby, who stuck with it through 12 grueling hours of top-level play. Nearly every set went to game 5, and all of them are deserving of a viewing, but the honor of this week’s Hype Match of the Week goes to the Grand Finals set: Tempo Storm vs. Cloud 9 Maelstrom. C9M had sent T/S into the loser’s bracket earlier in the double-elimination tournament, so T/S had the tall order of beating C9M in back-to-back Best of 5 sets.
    • Game 1 on Blackheart’s Bay. Lost Vikings for C9M vs Nova for T/S. Nova was able to snipe out the split pushing vikings, and the combination of Stage Dive + Precision Strike for teamfights allowed T/S to chain coin turn ins. Tempo Storm’s Illidan overextended, giving C9M a chance to reach lvl 20 first despite being down 2 keeps. T/S outmanuevered by grabbing mercenary camps and avoiding a teamfight long enough to reach lvl 20, giving them the opportunity to rush down the damaged core.
    • Game 2 on Haunted Mines. Tyrael and Lost Vikings for T/S vs. blow up comp with Kerrigan for C9M. Kerrigan did what she does best, getting first blood at the Watchtower. C9M dominated the first mine phase 78-22, but T/S pulled ahead in experience thanks to the vikings. However, the kills started racking up for C9M and they brought the first keep down to a sliver of health. Vikings went on a top-secret mission and destroyed C9’s keep before the 3rd mines. T/S left a single skull in an attempt to stall out the game, but C9M eventually grabbed it and ended with their massive golem.
    • Game 3 on Garden of Terror. Lost Vikings + Tyrael for C9M vs. another Nova counterpick for T/S. T/S got the first plant terror despite a one level defecit. C9M brought out the next-level strats with Shadowstalk + Judgement, which let them keep bursting Illidan and negating Nova’s stealth. Level 16 talents hit for C9M, which they used to win a teamfight and push down the core in a mere 15 minutes.
    • Game 4 on Sky Temple. Sonya for C9M vs. Tyrande + Stitches for T/S. A crazy back and forth early game left C9M with an early lead. Both teams scrambled to reach the first bottom temple, and C9M pushed T/S off to reach lvl 10. T/S relied heavily on the Hook into Lunar Flare, which either got cleansed by Uther, or resulted in a kill. C9M took a huge teamfight at the top temple, and made the gutsy call to Stage Dive onto the core and rush it down, which allowed them to win the tournament!

esl na s1 playoffs


  • ESL Major League Season 1 Playoffs have begun, and the top European teams have brought out some crazy new strategies thus far. Unlike the NA Playoffs, the EU teams have agreed to allow Sylvanas as a pick in their playoffs, but the new map is still off limits. Team LDLC beat Gamers2, which means they will have the winner’s bracket advantage in the grand finals. Tune in tomorrow on twitch.tv/esl_heroes to catch the exciting conclusion to the playoffs!

esl eu s1 playoffs

  • Heroes On Fire 2 is in full swing, gathering some lesser known teams for a single elimination tournament, with rounds lasting all week to allow teams to play on their own time. Among the favorites, Mouse Control has already racked up a win and advanced to round 2. We look forward to seeing the Best of 7 Finals once the bracket has been narrowed down.

heroes on fire 2

  • TakeTV Heroes Battle Monthly Final – March featured a host of great teams. Somehow, TeamLiquid (formerly El Nexo) and Team Tomorrow Big have once again found themselves squaring off in the finals. The two teams have been trading tournament wins back and forth for weeks, setting themselves up for quite a rivalry. We look forward to finding out the conclusion to this top-tier tournament.

taketv heroes battle monthly march

  • GosuCup Enter the Storm Qualifier 3 had over 32 teams looking to join TeamLiquid, SK-Gaming, Team Tomorrow Big, and Team Dignitas in the first ever GosuCup finals. Gamers2 faced off against Fnatic in the final round, proving that it was no accident the two teams have made it to the ESL Playoffs. Gamers2 appeared to be a step above Fnatic, securing themselves a convincing 2-0 victory. Congratulations to both teams on qualifying, as there are now a mere 2 spots left in the finals.

gosucup qualifier 3

  • ZOTAC Cup Monthly Final – March continued the intense rivalry between Team Tomorrow Big and TeamLiquid. At this point, the teams are likely creating and adapting strategies specifically to counter their rival’s strengths. This time, TTB emerged victorious with a 2-1 win in the finals.

zotac monthly final 1


cn storm league w3


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