Weekly eSports Recap 3/24

North America

  • HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 5 was casted by Gillyweed and and AnnaProsser. Thanks again to our awesome casters and admins for making it another successful tournament! This week, Protectors of the Storm and Goon Squad Inc. were the two teams left standing. The goons were good, finishing their winning streak with a 2-0 victory. Gather some friends, or look for a team to sign up and join in on this week’s action!

hh amateur series w5

  • Titan Arena 2 was loaded with teams looking for a part of the MLG prize pool. Notable European team Fnatic made their NA debut, but were stopped by Cloud 9 Maelstrom. This tournament also marked the end of B A R R E L B O Y S as they were picked up by compLexity Gaming. The final set of the tournament was Best of 5, and the Hype Match of the Week: compLexity vs. Cloud 9 Maelstrom. In Game 1, Maelstrom used the mobility of the hammer bros, Falstad and Muradin, to seize victory on Dragon Shire. For Game 2, C9M drafted Lost Vikings, but they seemed lost on Blackheart’s Bay. coL used their greater teamfight potential to take control of the map, turning in a whopping 68 more coins than C9M! In Game 3, for Cursed Hollow C9M chose Sonya for a dive comp. compLexity countered with perfect Void Prisons and Devouring Maws, which ultimately allowed them to grab a Curse and a Boss at the same time, making the set 2-1 in compLexity’s favor. Game 4 took place on the Garden of Terror, so coL opted to go for a pick comp involving Nova and Stitches. coL exploded a member of C9M at the start of every team fight, played smart and secured all of the seeds, and the victory. Congratulations to compLexity on a huge win while debuting their new sponsorship!

titan arena 2

  • TeamLiquid Open #1 was dominated by Evil Genius’ LzGaMeR, who marched straight to the finals all-but unopposed. The only team to take a map victory over his team was iVslime, as the finalists Jaybrundage appeared to be no match for Lz and crew.

teamliquid open 1



  • ESL Major League Week 7 had very important matches to decide the final two teams which would make it to the playoffs. LDLC and Gamers2 were both already qualified, but that did not stop them from finishing their strong seasons with one more victory apiece. SK Gaming unsurprisingly took their match against last-place Team Acer, so the real story of the week was a battle for the playoffs between Fnatic and WELL MET. Fnatic managed to seize a 2-1 victory, securing themselves a playoff berth.

hml eu playday 7

hml eu playday 7 results

  • GosuCup Qualifier #2 was stacked with great teams from around Europe. Team Tomorrow Big continued their streak of excellence by winning 2-0 in the finals against Team Dignitas.

gosucup qualifier 2

  • ZOTAC Cup #2 featured 8 teams, but amongst them, El NeXo and Team Tomorrow Big were a tier above the competition. The two giants faced off in the finals, where El NeXo won 2-0.

zotac cup 2

  • Go4Heroes Europe Cup #16 will no longer be used for the ESL Major League qualifiers, with the upcoming launch of the ESL Open League. As such, the Major League teams were allowed to enter, and came out in full force to lay their claim on the prize money. Despite the stiff competition, Team Tomorrow Big won first place with a 2-0 victory over ArthasStroitHram.

go4heroes eu cup 16

  • DreamHack Bucharest PGL Qualifier happened earlier this month, but were not casted until this week. The top 4 teams will compete in the first big offline HotS tournament at DreamHack Bucharest. El NeXo won the tournament, earning themselves the number 1 seed for when they travel to Romania. Congratulations, on their final tournament victory as El NeXo, as the Spaniards have become the new TeamLiquid!

dreamhack pgl qualifier


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