Weekly eSports Recap 3/17

North America

  • HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 4 was casted by Gillyweed and AnnaProsser. Big shoutouts to these ladies for doing a wonderful job on their first time running the twitch channel together. The Severly Impaired Cats in Hats of Wild Growth Gaming (mercifully shortened to “Cats Gaming”) went to the finals to face the Nexus Globetrotters. After going 1-1, it looked to be a close, exciting finish to the tournament in Game 3. Unfortunately, a member of the Nexus Globetrotters had to drop out for work early the next morning, so Cats Gaming took the win by default. As anti-climactic as the ending was, we extend our congratulations to both teams for their great placements, and our thanks to all of the teams for their participation. Hopefully we can see a rematch between our finalists at some point!

hh amateur series w4

  • ESL NA Community Cup #6 had a nice variety of national representation. In the end, the Americans, ESV Tempest, came out on top against the Canadians, Actions Per Minute. Chile’s team, Better Nerf Murky, took third place over the Argentinian squad, Infernus Gaming.

esl na comm cup 6

  • Dingit Monthly Championship was full of many top teams, all of which are in the ESL Major League. Tempo Storm was on top of their game, and powered their way to yet another tournament victory, this time over Cloud 9 Maelstrom.

dingit monthly championship

esl na monthly feb

  • Kings of the Storm Invitational VI had Tempo Storm as the clear favorites, as they had earned themselves a round 1 bye. Cloud 9 Vortex had a much tougher path to the finals, defeating the barrels and Evil Geniuses. The Tempo Storm boys dominated the finals with a 3-0 victory.

kots invitational VI

  • Go4Heroes Americas Cup #14 was once again dominated by B A R R E L B O Y S in the absence of Tempo Storm. Cloud9 Vortex made them work hard for it, but the barrels could not be denied yet another first place finish.

go4heroes na cup 14


  • Heroes Major League NA Playday 6 & 7 had the Hype Match of the Week: B A R R E L B O Y S vs. Tempo Storm. In Game 1, BB MacIntyre’s  Stitches hooks decimated Tempo Storm blondes (bursty but squishy team with both Jaina and Nova). Blink’s Ancestral Healings on Rehgar were also very instrumental in overcoming the burst composition coming out from Tempo Storm. In Game 2, TS picked Chen, and barreled through the barrels. [Spoiler Alert: if you want to find out on your own how the match concluded, check out the VOD here before reading on] Game 3, on Haunted Mines, the barrels tried their hand at bursty team with Kerrigan. After bringing it back from a rough early game, TS had a 100 skull golem and their victory seemed certain. Then, their Stitches was caught in a bad position and picked off. Following a team wipe, the barrels had to rush down the core as the other team’s golem was smashing their own core apart. Congratulations to B A R R E L B O Y S on their big win in the best HotS match to date! Another important match took place between Murlocs Inc. and Cloud 9 Maelstrom, to decide who would qualify for the playoffs. With a great performance on Blackheart’s Bay, Cloud 9 Maelstrom clinched their spot in the playoffs. Congratulations to C9M, TS, 2ARC, and the barrels on making it to the playoffs, we look forward to an exciting end to the season!

hml na playday 6 and 7



  • Open the Nexus #3 run by moreHeroes had many formidble teams. Among them, Team Tomorrow Big stood out as the favorites. TTB ran all the way to the finals to face Stigma, which was a clean 2-0 sweep for TTB.

open the nexus 3

  • ZOTAC Cup #1 also gave a chance for TTB to continue their impressive play. Stigma once again made their way to the finals, but lost in Game 3.

zotac cup 1

  • TakeTV Heroes Battle #4 looked to be dominated by El Nexo and Team LDLC. Unfortunately, LDLC had to drop out, which left the tournament wide open for El Nexo. They defeated Yard-Team, Team Dignitas, and Beat Our BakerZ without losing a single game.

taketv heroes battle 4

  • Go4Heroes Europe Cup #14 was not the tournament that Tempo Storm expected. In their second foray into the European server, they were able only to advance to the round of 16, where they lost to Team Dignitas. Instead, Team Tomorrow Big took the spotlight this week, seizing victory over Team ALTERNATE in the finals.

go4heroes eu cup 14

  • Go4Heroes Europe Cup #15 wasn’t quite as stacked as the previous week, but still had healthy competition between some great teams. This time, it was ArthasStroitHram claiming victory over MadCorps-eSports, the semi finalists from the previous week. Congratulations to them on their consistent performances!

go4heroes eu cup 15

  • GosuCup Enter the Storm Qualifier #1 had an interesting and long list of teams from both the EU and NA regions. NA’s hopes went with the B A R R E L B O Y S as they advanced to the semi finals, but were defeated by SK Gaming. In the finals, El Nexo defeated SK in a convincing 2-0 victory.

gosucup qualifier 1

  • Heroes Major League EU Playday 6 & 7 had Team Acer in a good place to take their first map victory, but Fnatic ensured that their opponents stayed winless. SK Gaming defeated WELL MET and Team Acer, which means there will be a tie for third place going into the final week! Fnatic and WELL MET are set to battle it out for the final playoff position on Thursday, so be sure to tune in!

hml eu playday 6 and 7


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