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HeroesHype Amateur Series | Week 84 Created by Mantis701

HeroesHype Amateur Series is aimed at building and supporting the growing competitive scene of Heroes of the Storm. The tournament will occur every week on Wednesdays at 6:00pm PDT/9:00pm EDT.

Started on
October 25, 2017 9:00 pm


  • 0 out of 64

  • Knockout

    Tournament type
  • Central NA


Tournament details

  • Game

    Heroes of the Storm
  • Contestants

  • Game format

    Best of 1
  • Game frequency

    Every 30 minutes
  • Tournament frequency



  • Braxxis Holdout



All Captains & Free Agents must be in our Discord Server

Discord Channel

Failure to do so may lead to disqualification.

Hero Bans: Junkrat

General Rules

Rounds will be single game, single elimination leading to a Bo3 finals. Please check the bracket tab to see when games will move to best of 3.
  • Players are expected to be on time for their matches, and will be disqualified if they fail to show up within 15 minutes of their match start time.
  • Check the above rules to see if there are any special announcements regarding hero or map bans for that tournament.
  • Players are expected to be courteous to their fellow competitors.
  • The use of cheats or exploits will result in disqualification and ban from any future Heroes Hype events.
  • Map pool is limited to Crused Hollow, Sky Temple, Tomb of the Spider Queen, Dragon Shire, Warhead Junction, Braxis Holdout, Tower of Doom, Infernal Shrines, Battlefield of Eternity.
  • Each team is alotted 10 minutes of pause time per round. Please inform Admins of all pauses and for pause rulings.
Complete Rules

Tournament Procedures

  • At the start of the tournament, be on the Battlefy website. A Battlefy chat group will pop up with the opposing team. The Battlefy chat sessions will be visited by an admin to ensure compliance with the rules and procedures outlined herein.
  • The Team assigned to the top of the bracket will host the game or games of all the rounds. See the Hosting section for more details.
  • The Battleground is determined by map veto in Battlefy chat. See Map Veto section for more details.
  • The losing team in a Bo3 will choose between: first pick or map selection.
  • The winning team will submit the score. See the Score Reporting section for details.

Map Veto

  1. The Battlefy chat group will pop up with the opposing team.
  2. An admin will provide the result of a coin toss for Bo1 sets and the initial round of the Bo3: heads (top of the bracket) or tails (bottom of the bracket).
  3. The winner of the coin toss will choose between first pick or map selection.
  4. Map Selection (Example: Team A wins the coin toss and chooses map selection)
    1. Each team will ban one map by stating the name of the map in the Battlefy chat
    2. The ban will proceed in the following order:
      1. Team A bans a map
      2. Team B bans a map
      3. Team A selects the map
    3. In a Bo3, the map bans will occur after each match as described above.


  1. Server is to be set to Central, unless Captains from each team agree on West.
  2. Within the game, start by clicking the Custom Games option at the top.
  3. Wait until the Map Veto as described above has been completed.
  4. Select the following options
    1. Lobby mode: Tournament Draft
    2. Game Privacy: Private
    3. First Draft Team: Team 1 or Team 2 as appropriate
  5. Invite the teams and observers/casters if the game is to be streamed on the HeroesHype channel.
  6. Select Start.

Score Reporting

  1. The winning team reports the score. In a Bo3, report score after each match.
  2. Find the round on the bracket tab and left click to select that round.
  3. Click the up arrow next to team name to report score.
  4. If you have any problems reporting, please contact a tournament admin.

Need a Tournament Admin?

During the event you may CONNECT TO DISCORD if you need a Tournament Admin.  Admins are identified in the Discord. They will help you out!

Captains can report their team's score.

Check in Begins

Pacific Time (PDT) 5:00 PM
Central Time (CDT) 7:00 PM
Eastern Time (EDT) 8:00 PM

Matches Begin

Pacific Time (PDT) 6:00 PM
Central Time (CDT) 8:00 PM
Eastern Time (EDT) 9:00 PM

Team must check in to play. Check in lasts one hour and brackets will be seeded after check in ends.

Twitch Stream

Tournament brackets

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