Top 9 Ways to Improve Your Efficiency in the Nexus

Every split second counts in a fast-paced game like Heroes of the Storm. Here are some tips to squeeze every bit of efficiency out your time in the Nexus.

9. Hold Shift to queue up commands.

Try clicking on a fountain, and then shift clicking where you would like to go. Another common use is pressing Z to mount, and then shift clicking your next movement so you don’t waste a millisecond, or accidentally cancel your mount animation.

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8. Make use of regen globes

This means more than just picking up every regen globe you see. Sometimes, you don’t want to grab regen orbs that will cost you more health than it will regain. On the other hand, if you see an enemy go out of position to grab a regen globe, make sure you punish them for it.

7. Use your abilities to kill two birds with one stone

You can see which targets will be hit if you hover the area indicator. This allows you to place aoe spells for maximum effectiveness, hitting as many targets as possible. You only need to touch the tip of a structure for it to take full damage, so there is no point in placing your entire Breath of Fire inside of a Fort.


6. Play around with key bindings, see what works for you

The default settings are fine, but you may find yourself more in control if you try your own configurations. Try making use of those extra buttons on your mouse or keyboard.

5. Minimize your time spent travelling

You can save yourself a lot of time with intelligent use of movement abilities. This includes obvious ones like Zeratul Blinking over walls, as well as targetted abilities like Chen’s Flying Kick. Rehgar can also move very quickly with the Feral Lunge talent, as you can leap towards an enemy minion or structure, and then cancel the attack with a movement command.


4. Tank mercenary hits if you’re going to be Hearthing afterwards

Say you and an ally are taking down a Bruiser camp, and you are low on mana. In this scenario, it is more efficient for your team if you to move into the middle of the camp to take the hits. This allows your ally to stay healthy and remain on the Battleground, as your health will be restored anyway when you Hearth back for mana.

3. Don’t overstay your welcome after Hearthing

A common mistake new players make is waiting until they are at 100% health and mana before leaving their base. It takes some time to reach your destination, so you can leave with about 90-95% of your lowest resource, and regen the rest of it on the way.

2. Use the informative minimap to plan out your movements

The minimap is full of useful information. If you just won a teamfight and are looking for objectives to take, check the minimap for available map mechanics. You can also mouse over mercenary camps to see how much time is left before they respawn, so you can decide where to go next without a moment’s hesitation.

1. Take advantage of the special properties of the Hall of Storms

If the front lines of the battle are far from your team’s Core, then the moment you resurrect, save some time by using movement abilities then mounting up again instantly. On the other hand, if your core is under attack, you can jump inside the Hall of Storms to become immune to enemy attacks, and instantly mount to make your counterattack that much more powerful.