Top 7 Habits from Other MOBAs You Have To Break

7. Stacking one kind of defense over the other


You can still choose defensive options that affect either Basic Attacks or Abilities, but you can’t stack them to extreme levels.

6. Laning for too long


You don’t want to daydream about your CS instead of grouping up and grabbing objectives (you should probably do this sooner than you think).

5. Playing Whack-A-Mole with the minions’ health bars


Sometimes the instinct to wait for the killing blow takes over, you have to fight it! You only have to be closeby when a minion dies to gain experience for your team.

4. Worrying about “Killstealing”


Your team gains the same amount of experience from an enemy kill no matter what the killing blow is, be it Nova’s Snipe, Malfurion’s Moonfire, or an attack from a mercenary somewhere across the map. This is especially important for support players, do not be afraid to secure the kill!

3. Running everywhere instead of mounting


With so much of the gameplay based around movement and positioning, remember to press Z if you’re going to be moving undamaged for longer than a few seconds. This can make the difference when making your great escape or chasing down an unmounted Hero.

2. Expecting certain heroes to take over the game


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Team-wide levels mean that a single player cannot carry the entire team to victory. It is a team effort to win, from start to finish.

1. Expecting your tower to save you when enemy minions are in range


Structures will not change targets just because a Hero moves in range or deals damage. They will only attack Heroes if there are no minions in range. Be aware of the amount of ammo left on towers, as an ammo-less structure can create a great opportunity to dive in for the kill.