Team HeroesHype is now Synapsis Gaming

HeroesHype as an organization is shifting our focus to build up tournaments and form a community around our forums and special events. As a result, the team you’ve known and followed as Team HeroesHype is now known as Synapsis Gaming.

We part on very good terms, so please continue to love and support them at @SynapsisGaming, along with core players @Hocfoo, @Tsukii, @Protoges, @Yuki. We look forward to seeing them continue to do well in ESL Majors and HPL Season 2!

As for HeroesHype, we will be bringing you more updates on our tournament series, special events/content, and community-bonding in the our forums. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements.

Best of luck and support to Synapsis Gaming!