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  • Congratulations to our Series 3 winners, Flame is Lame!!

Amateur Meta Trends : August 11th – 30th

author image by Flagg05 | eSports | 0 Comments | 04 Sep 2017

The last three weeks have brought plenty of balance changes to Heroes of the Storm, which will ultimately trickle down to affect the team compositions in amateur matchups. Along with the impending rework of Jaina, Leoric and Lt. Morales, we…

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Amateur Meta Trends: July 28th – August 10th

author image by Flagg05 | eSports | 0 Comments | 11 Aug 2017

While we are a few weeks away from seeing Garrosh attempt to throw his way into the competitive meta, we still have time to see the Assassins field shift with a new priority damage dealer. A few Supports are sitting…

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