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  • Congratulations to our Series 3 winners, Flame is Lame!!

Pre-Finals Interview: Sliceblade from 101st North Umberland Fusiliers

author image by Chris K. | Tournaments | 0 Comments | 01 Aug 2017

With only five weeks in a season, teams must quickly adapt and prove their worth for the finals. 101st North Umberland Fusiliers, last seasons champions, have already proven before that they belong here. We recently spoke to one of their…

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Pre-Finals Interview: Vestige from Firm Handshake

author image by DCRomo | Tournaments | 0 Comments | 31 Jul 2017

Consistency is key in a 5-week amateur Heroes of the Storm series, especially when every point counts toward qualifying for the Series Finals. Firm Handshake’s consistency can easily be seen by the number of points they earned each week, securing…

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Pre-Finals Interview: Redian from TQ

author image by Flagg05 | Tournaments | 0 Comments | 30 Jul 2017

By competing every week of the second Heroes Hype Tempo Storm Series, the amateur team TQ qualified for the Series Finals with an impressive 2nd seed placing. We recently reached out to their team captain Redian to learn more about…

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Pre-Finals Interview: Shot from Flame is Lame

author image by Dan Janssen | Tournaments | 0 Comments | 30 Jul 2017

There are only five weeks in each Heroes Hype Series before Finals to determine the Series winner. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for error or bad decisions in-game as missing a week of the series can end a…

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