HGC Cheer’s Engaging Experience

I Already Added Cheerleader to My Resume

This weekend was the Western Clash. While NA wasn’t able to pull out a win, I was able to do my part cheering them on in hope of the upset (GFE almost made the finals! Yay, NA!). My HGC Cheering experience was a positive one. Sure, it’s an easy target for jokes and in some ways has increased spam in the chat with bright, moving emotes alongside numbers. I hear you. Maybe you even think chat is worse now, which is a pretty low bar to sink under. I never participated in chat either. This weekend though, I was right there, cheering along NA and, begrudgingly, dropping my accolades for the winners.


Way More Than Just An Emote

Cheering for your favorite HGC teams during Western Clash isn’t just supporting them with an emote and some bits. Team-specific emotes add a bit of weight to your cheers. Using them last weekend added a collective sense that I wasn’t alone in supporting my team. It was a unique experience in Twitch chat where you rarely ‘converse’ with more than one line questions or chat commands in between a barrage of nonsense. My cheers, or cheermotes, stood out in the chaos of Twitch chat. Along with the rest of the NA hopefuls, cheering meant we were in this together. The cheers are backed up by bits which are backed up by cash. A ‘big cheer’ says something without the looming Kappa of insincerity, making Twitch chat actually something I wanted to be a part of. Seeing all the cheermotes for your team after a big wombo combo was an awesome feeling. A definitive sense of “We’re kicking ass, together!” 


It’s worth noting that the cheermotes do sort of create their own version of high visibility spam. If chat is saturated with cheermotes there’s that much money and support flowing to HGC players. A cheermote filled chat isn’t any different than our normal, beloved, spam filled Twitch chat except now it’s positively contributing to the HGC. Most importantly, it’s contributing to the players. We’re not alone at HeroesHype wondering if this is real life but it feels good (man) to be a part of it. The genius at Blizzard who figured out how to turn Twitch chat’s endless energy into a positive force definitely needs a raise.

Give it a Go

One Twitch user described buying the starter pack “to give it a go.” It’s pretty agreeable, despite Twitch being free, $10 that supports the team and players I love over the course of such a big weekend is a cheap price for admission. For the Conor McGregor/Mayweather fight, people will spend close to $100 for one night of boxing that, very likely, will be one sided. Twitch user Jonts18 said “Why not?…It supports my team and grows the game.” The only complaint I hear was from Oogalicious “It might be nicer if a slightly larger proportion went to the team (55/45).” Personally, I really enjoyed the experience. Watching the Western Clash was overall a better experience and for once, a day I never thought would come, Twitch chat was fun to participate in.

Don’t forget it’s a two-way street too. While just sending money to our favorite teams would be cool on its own, you, the viewer, are on the receiving end too. WrathV_ESG said “I love the HGC Cheers. I get cool Twitch emotes, in game loot, and I am helping support the teams and HGC.” So if there was any doubt left, spend the next $10 you set aside for a skin on some bits. And start dropping some of these!




Heroes Hype Guide to HGC Cheering

It's the Tesla Model 3 of Cheer Mounts with a much shorter wait time.

Western Clash is Trial Run for HGC Cheers

You Cheer! I Cheer! We All Cheer for TS100(Tempo Storm, 100 bits)! That’s basically how it works, minus the bad rhyme. Cheering went live this weekend with the Western Clash and runs through the end of HGC 2017, including next weekend’s Eastern Clash. Through cheering, you earn in-game loot while the teams get one-half of one cent for every bit cheered for them. Don’t worry, it adds up. The in-game loot benefits are only available on the Heroes of the Storm (BlizzHeroes) Twitch channel.

To cheer, make sure your Battle.Net and Twitch accounts are linked. Click the Nexus icon (where the bit button was), at the bottom right of Twitch chat, select your team and a number of bits, hit enter. Watching HGC became that much more exciting.

There is a 100 bit minimum for cheers and they do have to be initially purchased, which you access through the same menu. This is the only place to cheer from and purchase bits as well.  So now that you have the basics let’s dive a little deeper into HGC Cheering.

Initial Questions, Where’s that Button?

Over at the Heroes Hype Discord and on stream we’ve had a lot of people asking about the new cheering. I think, mostly, we all get the gist of it. Some of us may even be familiar with the regular cheering use of bits already. Yet, Blizzard elevates the standard cheer into a much more engaging interaction with HGC cheering. 

Collecting all of the team rewards would be pretty unfaithful, wouldn't it?
Team specific cheering progress. 6-tiered progression with team specific portraits sprays, emotes, and banners as some of the rewards.

Setting out to write this article it didn’t take me very long to understand why the questions about cheering were being asked. HGC Cheering is implemented on a much wider scope than normal cheers, leading the focus on the progress system rather than specific how-to’s. Without clicking the initial Nexus icon at the bottom of Twitch chat there’s no other accessibility. This probably led to any initial confusion. Admittedly, even the author had some initial trouble discovering the access due to this. You can read about my full experience cheering later this week. It’s a forgivable oversight considering how extensive the HGC Cheering reward system is.

The best bits, he's got the best bits ever. Just really great bits.
This is everything for HGC Cheering. After a long weekend of enthusiastic cheering, it looks like I need to re-up on bits! My cousin said he knows a guy, great guy, does ’em cheap.



Next weekend is likely to have similar cheer totals and would unlock the Arcane Chaos Lizard. That’s two mounts for a single, 100 bit ($1.40) cheer.

It’s All Progress

The added scope and progression systems toward personal, team rewards, and global rewards certainly create an unfamiliar landscape to navigate regarding cheering. Blizzard definitely created a new experience for both Heroes players and Twitch viewers. The new systems lay out an extensive, and exciting, path ahead. Blizzard took no chances underestimating Twitch chat. The interactivity and final reward caps clearly compensate long time viewership.

100 bits is $1.40...10,000 bits...divide, multiply...that's the Ferrari of HotS mounts!
Personal progression system. Relax, you don’t need to unlock it all by the end of next weekend. If you did though, that would be one exclusive mount.

 Additionally, when looked at in totality cheering can seem expensive. Of course, in reality, it isn’t (no one has to cheer). Anything new in video game culture will never be met with universal praise. So, perhaps, initial reactions revolted at the higher ‘total’ prices. Unless taken to the extreme the prices are rather reasonable.  

It's the Tesla Model 3 of Cheer Mounts with a much shorter wait time.
The chaos lizard has already been unlocked as a part o the global reward progression system. Even cheering once makes you eligible.

COT – Cheering Over Time

Sure, to collect all the team items you would need to spend 1500 bits per team x 32 teams culminating in a total of 48,000 bits. The personal progress bar reaches 75,000 bits. In total, it would be upwards of ‘a tonnnnn of money’ as one user put it. These totals are so high because they’re totals for the next few seasons.  Realistically, everything is a lot more accessible. Even a minimum cheer of 100 bits earned you a Chaos Lizard by the end of Western Clash. Next weekend is likely to have similar cheer totals and would unlock the Arcane Chaos Lizard. That’s two mounts for a single, 100 bit ($1.40) cheer. The 100-bit cheer also gives you a Team Portrait. For $20 you can either unlock all the team items for one team or multiple items across several teams. Most importantly, this isn’t supposed to be unlocked over one or two weekends. It absolutely needs to be approached over a whole year of HGC. While a one-time $1.40 for a 100-bit cheer potentially opens up several rewards, a 100-bit cheer each week contributes significantly toward multiple progress tiers. 

There’s no intention to throw shade here, just a desire for clarification. So cheer away! And you better! The new cheers earn the cheered teams one-half of one cent. Blizzard also receives one-half of one cent as the tournament organizer. That leaves a small fraction for Twitch. In total,  more than $80,626 has been donated to players and teams. At the time of this writing, Fnatic has earned an extra 15k for their players this weekend alone. Over a whole season, ideally, every team will have additional revenue topping several thousand dollars. Finally, embrace cheering as it’s fun and great for the community.

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