Vote for your All Star Brawl team! Dreadnaught/Zuna Interview by Anna Prosser/Gillyweed!

The regular teammates have been split up into the two All Star teams! Through this interview by Anna Prosser Robinson and Gillyweed (Hosts of Eye on the Storm), we get our team captains Dreadnaught and Zuna talking about the thoughts on their teams. They come up with their team names and chat about their “tryhard” strategies!

Vote below on your favorite team to give them an edge in tomorrow’s match! Please note we’ve only invited a few teams that were available and to reduce the disruption of their practice schedules. We would love to gather enough interest to do another All Star Brawl with other personalities and pros in the community!

Don’t forget, the All-Star Brawl is tomorrow, Jan 7 at 6pm PST! You can watch it on, and follow it HERE, casted by our fantastic shoutcasters FourCourtJester and Kevin Knocke! Special thanks to Korlane for helping organize!

Give our players some love on twitter and during the game! Especially for their hilarious team names that are definitely setting the tone for the match!

Team TryHard

Zuna (C9 Maelstrom)

Arthelon (Symbiote)

QuibsY (2ARC Iliad)

So1dier (Symbiote)

iDream (C9 Vortex)

Team Beefy

Dreadnaught (Symbiote)

Kenma (C9 Maelstrom)

Glaurung (Glorious!)

Dunktrain (C9 Maelstrom)

BobbyHankHill (C9 Vortex)


Vote for your favorite team! The most popular fan-voted team will get their choice of first or second pick in the draft and map-striking phase!

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EDIT: If you missed this show, you can see all the VODs here.