Interview with BassdropG, Winner of Amateur Series W6

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The team of Goat Gaming is on a hot streak. Their recent string of victories (including the HeroesHype Amateur Series Weeks 6, Week 7, and Go4Heroes Americas #17) prove that the goats have really hit their stride, and show no signs of slowing down. Team captain Dawson ‘BassdropG’ Dittus gave us some insight into his life as a champion of the Nexus.




Where does the team name come from?

We all threw ideas out for a team name and ended up going with Goat Gaming because it’s fun and unique.  I like it because you can look at it different ways.  Goat Gaming just sounds silly when you first read it, which is awesome.  We all also almost always ride the billy goat mount in-game, GOAT is an acronym meaning Greatest Of All Time, and our tag is GG. So it’s all around just a fun name.


What is your favorite food?

Cereal! I’ve been living off cereal for as long as I can remember.  Frosted Flakes or Honey Nut Cheerios being my favorite. All cereal is delicious though.


When did you start playing HotS? What convinced you to start playing it competitively?

I started playing Heroes in early stages of alpha.  Around May, 2014.  I had already planned, shortly before I got access to Heroes, that I was going to try to pursue a competitive career in video games.  Then when I got Heroes I knew it was the perfect opportunity.  A huge developer like Blizzard was in the process of making a game that fits into a genre that is KNOWN to produce viewership, money, and a means to make a living off doing what I love.


What has been your favorite patch so far? If not the most recent one, how does this one stack up?

My favorite patch is either this one, or the one that removed resurgence of the storm.  Ultimately my Alpha soul is still celebrating at the removal of resurgence, because of its late game toxicity in competitive play(rip five man resurge comps).  But this patch really made A LOT of things viable.  I’m very interested in where the competitive meta will shift with this patch.  Or if the game will shift into a map and composition oriented focus, where people don’t have cookie cutter builds and cookie cutter compositions.  And everyone has to stay dynamic.  That would be the dream.


Who is your most anticipated unreleased hero, and why?

Give me an Orc warrior with a 2h axe.  One of the Hellscream brothers. Because they’re lean, green, fighting MACHINES.  They will be so manly.


Which goat does the shotcalling? Has it always been that way?

Equinox is our shotcaller, and he does an amazing job.  It’s been this way since we started and I don’t see any reason to change it up any time soon.


What does your team’s voice comm sound like after finishing a close set, like your win against TORNADO in Go4Heroes? Compare that to the Eye on the Storm “match” (re: slaughter).

It’s definitely a lot different environments between the two scenarios.  When we are focused on a win, we are just that, focused.  Everyone is communicating, comms are hectic(in a good way), everyone is yelling, its very intense.  And when we win everyone cheers like a bunch of girls.  When we are in more of a “laxed” environment like quick matches, or show matches, its all just about fun.  Laughing, joking, having a good time.  And I hope we get invited back to shows like Eye on the Storm because we had a ton of fun.


Are you going to cheer for a certain team in Heroes of the Dorm?

I haven’t actually had the chance to follow the Dorm scene too much.  But I think it’s a great opportunity for everyone involved.


Congratulations to @BassdropG and his teammates: @CrsFury, @EquinoxHotS, @LexUther_HotS, and @LiquidPithx. Follow them so you can show your support for Goat Gaming as they continue to bring hype Heroes of the Storm matches!