Announcing the HTC Heroes Brawl!


Saturdays are about to get a lot more hype! Throughout the month of October, the best Heroes teams around will be competing for over $6,000 in the HTC Heroes Brawl! Eight teams will be split into two groups and play Best of 3 matches for 3 weeks. This Group Stage will culminate into the Playoffs, where the top two teams from each group will enter a double-elimination bracket.


Group A

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Group B

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  • Sat 10/3, 12pm PDT
    • Tempo Storm vs. Panda Global
    • Murloc Geniuses vs. COGnitive
    • Cloud 9 vs. Kappa Wolves
    • compLexity vs. Team Blaze (replays for G1, G2, G3)
  • Sat 10/10, 12pm PDT
    • Tempo Storm vs COGnitive
    • Murloc Geniuses vs Panda Global (replays for G1, G2, G3)
    • Cloud 9 vs Team Blaze
    • compLexity vs Kappa Wolves
  • Sat 10/17, 1pm PDT (Tues 10/13 6pm PDT  (to ~9pm PDT))
    • Tempo Storm vs Murloc Geniuses
    • COGnitive vs Panda Global
    • Player Interviews
    • Team Blaze vs Kappa Wolves
    • Cloud 9 vs compLexity
  • Sun 10/18, 11am PDT, Playoffs (Sat 10/24 12pm PDT)

Match Times

Due to time constraints, we will cast only 3 of the 4 matches each day of the Group Stage.

  • Match 1: noon PDT/3pm PST
  • Match 2: 1:30-2pm PDT/4:30-5pm EST
  • Match 3: 3:30-4pm PDT/6:30-7pm EST

Broadcast will be on You can watch the VODs for Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and the Playoffs here.


$6,200 in total courtesy of HTC and J!nx product bundles for all teams:

  • 1st: $2,500 + Jinx bundle
  • 2nd: $1,500 + Jinx bundle
  • 3rd: $1,000 + Jinx bundle
  • 4th: $800 + Jinx bundle
  • 5th/6th: $200 + Jinx bundle
  • 7th/8th: no cash + Jinx bundle


Our casters, Gillyweed, Cooby, Schamtoo, and Zoia will be there to join you, and our admins Frojo and Sophist will ensure everything runs swimmingly on the backend.

Let’s support our growing NA community as well as our top two NA teams, Cloud9 and Tempo Storm, as they head into Blizzcon!