HeroesHype Tempo Storm Series 3 Week 2 Recap – September 6th, 2017

HeroesHype Tempo Storm Series 3 Week 2 has come and gone.  For anyone still interested in participating, time is running out before it’s too late! As a free agent, or a team, you can register on our Battlefy here. If you missed the Twitch stream of Week 2, you can watch it in entirety here. You can also watch all future games every Wednesday at 9pm PDT on our channel here.

Nineteen teams competed this week in the mad dash for points. The matches before the finals are single-elimination, so only the best make it to the end to earn the most points. The finalists this week were Team Numerics and Animals. This was the third week in a row we’ve seen the two teams face-off in the finals of different events. Team Numerics was represented by: FlyestRaven, Caesarsalad, Quonzar, fasdfasdzzxx, and ViN. Animals was represented by: Olecb, Droplets, EToby, Evandrinde, and EKevin.

Game 1 – Towers of Doom

Animals – 1st Pick

Bans: Gall & Tracer

Heroes: Dehaka, Garrosh, Rehgar, Tychus, Sylvanas

Team Numerics – 2nd Pick

Bans: E.T.C & Lúcio

Heroes: Tassadar, Arthas, Malfurion, Valla, Zeratul

The game kicked off with a 4v4 skirmish in mid, but with no real winner. Team Numerics split their Heroes from there into a 1-1-3 bot-heavy lane setup. Animals had been doing lane rotations, but quickly copied the lane setup. Garrosh was among those on bot and was able to throw Valla back into his team for a hopeful First Blood. Malfurion negated all damage done to Valla though, and Arthas had rotated down from mid to help. The tables turned on Garrosh, and he instead became First Blood.

The early game was dominated by skirmishes and trades. However, Animals slowly started taking the lead in kills. Their Sylvanas also chose the talent Mercenary Queen, which allowed them to do intense siege damage with Camps. Animals efforts gained them a level advantage leading into the first team fight:

Now with a bigger lead, Animals’ Garrosh taunt/throw combo continued to disrupt Arthas. Animals’ continued map control allowed them to kill boss, furthering their lead. Bot altar activated soon after though, and both teams converged on it. Losing the game, Team Numerics needed to turn the tides, so they eventually forced a team fight:

With an Ace in hand, a triple altar phase began shortly after with Team Numerics appearing more confident. Each team easily secured an altar but a team fight ensued over the third. Team Numerics won, and with it, tied up the Takedowns. Now holding a level advantage, they pushed with their momentum on Sapper Camps and Towers.

Dehaka was caught alone in mid at Tower and killed. The rest of Animals stepped in to defend, but couldn’t compete being down a Hero. Only Sylvanas survived and the Tower switched hands. A Boss kill for Team Numerics brought the game even closer before another Altar Phase. Team Numerics captured both and left Animals’ Core with only one health.

Both teams regrouped and did lane rotations attempting to find an advantage. Hidden near camps, Zeratul’s stealth allowed him to watch enemy movement. Caught unprepared, Animals had nowhere to go:

Team Numerics immediately split up around the map and converted Towers. With only one Core health, that meant an immediate win and Game 1 went to Team Numerics.

Game 2 – Tomb of the Spider Queen

Animals – 1st Pick

Bans: Gall & Malfurion

Heroes: Tassadar, Rehgar, E.T.C., Li-Ming, Sonya

Team Numerics – 2nd Pick

Bans: Garrosh & Illidan

Heroes: Uther, Stitches, Gul’dan, Stukov, Greymane

Both teams immediately went all-mid. The normal early pokes kicked things off, but devolved into a full blown team fight. When Animals tried to back off, their E.T.C. was hooked and found himself all alone. He immediately goes down for First Blood before the thirty second mark. After recovering from the early action, Animals attempted to setup a kind of lane composition, but Team Numerics’ constant lane rotation threw that out the window.

Early fights were dominated by Team Numerics. Whenever Animals would seem to be winning a fight, a Stukov silence stopped them in their tracks. Then in the ensuing retreat, an Uther stun or Stitches hook ensured their death.

With Animals unable to counter them, Team Numerics had almost total map control. Back-to-back Spider Queen turn ins and a Boss kill put the game deeply in their favor. No other way to turn the tide, Animals forced a team fight, but barely escaped with a one for one trade. That distraction allowed the Boss to destroy the last top Fort, which left only bot and mid last Forts still standing.

Team Numerics continued their campaign of whittling down the remaining enemy Forts. However, Animals was finally able to sneak in a turn in. Team Numerics had just captured Boss again though, leaving Animals with a tough decision on where to commit. They decided to defend their bot Spider and a team fight broke out:

Animals had left the Boss alive and attacking the Core though, so losing that team fight was the final nail in the coffin. Team Numerics swept in and assisted the Boss in destroying the Core to win Game 2, and with it, the Finals.

Despite Animals winning the last two times the teams met in the Finals, Team Numerics came away as the winners of HeroesHype Tempo Storm Series 3 Week 2. Although Team Numerics barely won the first game by the skin of their teeth, Game 2 was undeniably controlled by them.  Thanks to both of these teams and all the others who competed. A special thanks goes out to Halorin and Kala for their great shot-by-shot game casting. Thanks to all those that tuned in to watch as well, we hope to see everyone again next week for the continuation of HeroesHype Tempo Storm Series 3.

You can see the points earned by each team this week on our standings page here.