HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 82 Recap – August 23rd, 2017

If you haven’t heard the news, HeroesHype Tempo Storm Series 3 has been announced! Have a team already or want to enter as a free agent? Head over to our Battlefy page here to enter. The Series runs for five weeks on Wednesdays at 6p.m. PDT and starts on August 30th, so sign-up ASAP!

That being said, this week’s regular Amateur Series was a very important chance for the teams who competed to get some practice in before next week. Thirteen teams competed, with some new teams taking the field too. Ultimately, the two final teams were Animals and last week’s winners, Team Numerics. Animals was represented by: Olecb, Droplets, EToby, Evandrinde, and EKevin. Team Numerics was represented by: FlyestRaven, Caesarsalad, Quonzar, fasdfasdzzxx, and ViN. Surprisingly, we haven’t seen an Amateur Series reach three games in a while, but that changed this week:

Game 1 – Towers of Doom

Animals – 1st Pick

Bans: Uther & Malfurion

Heroes: Tassadar, Arthas, Illidan, Kharazim, Greymane

Team Numerics – 2nd Pick

Bans:  Dehaka & Rehgar

Heroes: Stitches, Abathur, Valla, Stukov, Chen

Animals started the game off in a 2-1-2 lane setup and Team Numerics responded with a 1-1-3 setup after some rotation. Top lane saw Animals’ Tassadar and Illidan  applying constant pressure against Chen. Chen retaliated by dishing out a good amount of damage to Illidan, but pursued too far and gave Animals First Blood.

Team Numerics captured most of the Altars during the first three Altar Phases, but Animals was ahead in kills and Shots. As the fourth Altar phase approached, Team Numerics gathered on bot before pushing on the mid Altar where a team fight broke out: 

Four kills, an Altar, and a Keep were the rewards for Animals winning that team fight. Team Numerics immediately secured their Keep, but were a full level below their enemy. That advantage came into play for the next Altar Phase where Animals easily gained two of the three Altars.

A few minutes of up and back rotations put both teams at equal Shots again. Animals made a play for top Keep, but retreated back to Boss as Team Numerics rotated up. Another team fight broke out in the brush:

Animals secured both Altars that appeared during that fight and led the Core health at 20v8. They immediately killed Boss after and Chen when he attempted to interfere. Arthas converted bottom Keep but was attacked by Team Numerics before he could retreat. His team came to his aid though, and another team fight broke out:

With most of Team Numerics out of the fight, the next Altar Phase was entirely unopposed. Needing only four Shots, Animals’ win was assured.

Game 2 – Dragon Shire

Animals – 2nd Pick

Bans: Uther & Kharazim

Heroes: Malfurion, Rehgar, Arthas, Illidan, Greymane

Team Numerics – 1st Pick

Bans: Tassadar & Xul

Heroes: Dehaka, Falstad, Stukov, Cho’Gall

Animals started with the same lane setup of 2-1-2 and Team Numerics went 1-1-1 with Cho’Gall rotating everywhere. His rotations immediately bore fruit as he helped kill Malfurion on bot for First Blood.

The first Shrine Phase was a long bloody fight. Both teams did equal trades and constantly fought for possession of the Shrines.  A team fight broke out on bot, but this time Team Numerics was the clear winner with three kills and a Fort Kill. Falstad flew to top after and Stukov picked up the Dragon Knight finally at 14:30 minutes in.

It took them a while, but Team Numerics destroyed mid Fort before their Dragon Knight expired. A rotation to top went nowhere for them, so they stopped their advance. More rotations brought both teams to bot where a Fly/Gust combo by Falstad started another team fight:

Dehaka burrowed his way out of that situation, but a 4v1 trade for Animals tied the game back up. They easily picked up the next Dragon Knight, but accomplished little.

During the wait for the next Shrines, Cho’Gall led skirmishes on bot. His immense lane presence put pressure on Animals. The distraction allowed Dehaka to sneak in and secure the Dragon Knight. Team Numerics went all bot with the Dragon Knight, but Illidan’s Hunt started a team fight outside of the Gate:

Team Numerics melted bot Keep and went straight for the Core. With all their team alive and the Dragon Knight at nearly full health, Animals couldn’t push them back. Team Numerics won the game and tied up the Series.

Game 3 – Infernal Shrines

Animals – 1st Pick

Bans: Gall & Greymane

Heroes: Dehaka, Uther, Malfurion, Valla, E.T.C.

Team Numerics – 2nd Pick

Bans: Tassadar & Genji

Heroes:  Arthas, Rehgar, Malthael, Medivh, Gul’dan

After an initial all-mid poke, both teams began rotating through lanes. Dehaka stayed top against Malthael while the rest of both teams constantly rotated between mid and bot until first Shrine on bot. Malthael rotated down, but he and Reghar died to win the Shrine race. The Punisher achieved nothing though, and Animals received First Blood.

Dehaka drags and E.T.C slides put Animals ahead in most of the skirmishes early in the game. Their lead gave them level 10 much earlier than Team Numerics and also helped secure a Punisher. During that Punisher push, the major advantage of having level 10 before your enemy showed:

When all of Team Numerics respawned, they inexplicably chased Animals on top. Even after Animals stopped by the safety of their Wall, Team Numerics forced a fight:

The Ace gave Animals a 2 ½ level lead on Team Numerics. Their advantage gave them free reign over the next Shrine. An E.T.C. tower Mosh dive picked up two kills and the first Keep. As the Keep went down, Team Numerics forced another fight that gave Animals two more kills. Those deaths caused a 3 level difference. 

Team Numerics found no way to come back after this point. Animals secured the next Punisher and pushed. After melting a Keep, a token resistance happened at the Core, but Animals couldn’t be stopped.

With that win, Animals became the HeroesHype Amateur Series Week 82 winners. The first two games were well fought, but Animals huge level difference in Game 3 helped them win the game that mattered most.  Thanks to both of these teams and all the others who competed. A special thanks goes out to CavalierGuest and HeroPhysio for their great shot-by-shot game casting. Thanks to all those that tuned in to watch as well, we hope to see everyone again next week for the start of HeroesHype Tempo Storm Series 3. A full stream of the Series can seen on our Twitch account here.