HeroesHype Amateur Series W3 VODs up, W4 signups live!

If you missed last week’s event or Pax East this weekend, make sure to check out our Pax East BetaKey and HyperX Pro Gaming Mousepad RAFFLE!!

All feedback is appreciated at @HeroesHype and we look forward to seeing you next Wednesday 4.30pm PST  at twitch.tv/heroes_hype for the next weekly tournament!

Discussions are live: http://forum.heroeshype.com/c/na-esports/heroeshype-amateur-series

Our amazing shoutcasters FourCourtJester and Anna Prosser really spiced up the stream for you guys, so definitely show them some love!



Team Signups are live:

Free Agents can form a group to signup: http://forum.heroeshype.com/t/free-agents-for-week-4-3-9-15/189


Additional Rules Changes for this week (full rules here):

  • Check-in will occur on Battlefy (not on Skype) on the tournament info page link and must be done by the same person who signed the team up.
  • Check-in will now be available 60 min before games start at 4.30pm PST. All check-in must be COMPLETED by 4.20pm PST.
  • Check-in must be done between 60-10 min BEFORE games start 4.30pm PST. That means all check-in must be COMPLETED by 4.20pm PST. This is when the brackets will be generated, and if you are not checked in by 4.20pm PST then your team will not be in the bracket. If there is a check-in issue please let Thomas, Tsukii, or Eunice in Skype so we can help.
  • Seeding will be generated based on the accumulation of the prior standings of the past weekly tournaments.
  • The tournament will now be a single elimination tournament for the purpose of the stream. In the interest of being friendly to new teams who want to get more practice, there will be an “optional” losers bracket (no Grand Finals).
  • For teams that drop into the losers bracket, at any time if you do not wish to continue, you can report your lower bracket score as a loss/forfeit and be completely eliminated.
  • The losers bracket will not be casted except at the discretion of the casters.


Week 3 VODs are up below! Disclaimer: Some labels could be slight spoilers 😉


Week3 – Round2 Winner Bracket Heartbreakers vs RG Pulse


Week3 – Round2 Winner Bracket Shot and the Bullets vs Actions Per Minute


Week3 – Round3 Winner Bracket Risky Biscuits and the Runny Gravy vs Throwcademy


Week3 – Round3 Winner Bracket Backlash vs Infinity Gaming


Week3 – SemiFinals Winner Bracket Backlash vs Prime Heroes Gaming


Week3 – Finals Winner Bracket Game1 Backlash vs Nexus Globetrotters


Week3 – Finals Winner Bracket Game2 Backlash vs Nexus Globetrotters


Week3 – SemiFinals Loser Bracket Shot and the Bullets vs Risky Biscuits and the Runny Gravy


Week3 – Lower Bracket Finals Backlash vs Shot and the Bullets