Heroes Patch Notes Winners & Losers August 8th, 2017

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Here’s your Heroes Patch Notes Winners & Losers for August 8th, 2017. This week was a bit on the lighter side with Blizzard opting again for more tweaks. Initial changes that jumped out were the added 3% increased damage per hit Level 1 talent for Ragnaros (W) and mobility on D.Va’s Defense Matrix (W) level 7 talent. This week didn’t exactly have a loser though unless you count the map Hanamura. Much like feeding Leo’s in Quick Match, is it really a loss? Here’s to hoping its return isn’t as quick.


Heroes Patch Notes Winners & Losers Aug 8th, 2017
Arrr! Rag is back and he’s better than — okay, sorry, no more songs. Just more Rag!

This week there are no losers! Only winners! First up is Ragnaros. Yes, folks, Rag is back and he’s better than ever, hey la dee-da! Now that that’s out of my system we can collectively groan. Rag’s glorious return is, naturally, in the name of talent diversity. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. He’ll still be lacking the kill potential from his heroic nerf and some sustain from Empower Sulfuras. The trade off though is for some potentially serious damage. He was a melee scrapper who needed sustain these tweaks change that a bit.

Heroes Patch Notes Winners & Losers Aug 8th 2017 Shifting Meteor added functionality of 3% damage for subsequent hits from the same Meteor
We need talent diversity! Stat! 3% damage increase per hit should do it. Do you concur?

Combined with the level 7 changes his kill potential is certified deadly.

Heroes Patch Notes Winners & Losers Aug 8th 2017 Level 7: Molten power (W) Damage increase change from 15% to 20% per enemy Hero hit.
It is rewarding skilled play by utilizing good poke. It’s also making for that second Living Meteor cast to be devastating in team fights.

Ragnaros is going to have some serious poke and when the fight finally pops off he’ll be delivering an even larger burst. While mages find themselves in more specialized ranged DPS roles, a melee unit with a strong poke and an even more devastating ranged attack will thrive. While seemingly small, these changes will have a profound impact on damage output. Together both talents empower Living Meteor as the skill to talent into. Individually they don’t create that shift, nor make him that impactful. Combined they make Rag a contending DPS pick in the meta.

We’re All Getting Trophies

The second winner this week is a special, albeit slightly cheesy choice. It’s you! The player! All of us! Everyone! Initially, Hanamura was the loser since it was removed from all game modes. It was difficult to truly categorize that as much of a negative. I think I can speak for most of us when I say no one is sad to see it go. In addition to “Bon Voyage Hanamura!” we see some simple quality of life changes, some of which were sorely needed.

Heroes Patch Notes Winners & Losers Aug 8th 2017 Quick match will now prefer not to make mirror matches.
No more mirrors in Quick Match? Pinch me, is this real life?

Others refreshing reminders the player isn’t far from the minds of the developers (told ya it was cheesy).

Heroes Patch Aug 8th 2017 Quality of Life Changes Armor Indicator and Cursor Cooldown Notiication
No sarcasm here, these are some cool quality of life changes. The cursor cooldown notification is activated by pressing the ability button while it’s on cooldown

Before you say it, Garrosh isn’t the loser this week. My Garrosh impression article will be up shortly though, and I’ll go over some of his redeeming qualities.

The Rest of ‘Em

The rest of the patch changes were all positive, contributing to this week’s lack of a true loser. Sonya’s cancel time on Whirlwind (E) is increased from .5 seconds to 1.0. In the middle the fray it gets easy to button mash a bit over enthusiastically on Sonya so this gets a nod of approval from more than a few of us. Next, Probius cannot cancel Worker Rush (Z) while it’s still active coming out of the Hall of Storms because apparently that was a thing. Auriel’s hope bar glows when maxed out. Huh, more glowing bars. D.va’s level 4 Diverting Power now adds a 50% slow rather than preventing her from moving during Defense Matrix (W).

Finally, we have some Butcher changes too. They’re overall not that impressive but will make it easier completing his Fresh Meat quest. Granted, time spent out of the lane at objectives is generally punished and certain maps make actually playing the map a detriment on Butcher. None of the changes make him better per se, but during a few test games I played his quest finished around level 7-9 which is significantly earlier than the ‘goal’ of level 13.

Better players will play better Butchers now, bad players may be a little less bad. It does feel a bit more in line with a ganking, aggressive hero rather than a PvE hero for ¾’s of the game. Stuns, CC, cleanse, and good peels still shut him down. In other words, his Bronze win rate is probably going up but that’s about it.

Heroes Patch Notes Winners & Losers Aug 8th 2017 Butcher Meat changes.
Butcher gains meat a bit differently. Ideally quicker and truer to a PvP hero. Will it help? A little bit.

For more changes, read the full Patch Notes here