Heroes of the Storm Amateur Recap 3/17/17

 The Arcanum Week 4:

During the fourth and final qualifier for The Arcanum, LFM eSports met the Week 3 champion: Vox and the Busted Bullets. In the Finals, Vox had a slow start during Game 1 on Cursed Hollow with 6 deaths as well as allowing LFM eSports to capture the first curse. However, after reaching the level 13 talent tier, Vox were able to secure numerous kills on top of an aggressive boss capture, ultimately winning the game after starting their own curse. In Game 2 on Battlefield of Eternity, Vox utilized a high damage racing composition with Lunara, Greymane and Ragnaros to easily win all three Immortal fights. Without losing a Fort, Vox and the Busted Bullets won Game 2 and finished in 1st place for Week 4 of The Arcanum. This victory tied Vox and the Busted Bullets with NICE! as the number 1 seed for The Arcanum Season 1 Finals on April 1st.

Vox and the Busted Bullets won The Arcanum Week 4 by defeating LFM eSports 2-0.


The Arcanum Week 4 video can be seen here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/128742844


Heroes Hype – The Gauntlet Season 1 Finals:

After five weeks of tough competition, the Top 8 amateur teams were invited to compete in The Gauntlet Season 1 Finals. The night was full of surprises, as the number 7 seed Thunder Awaken advanced to the Grand Finals after defeating #2 Hour’tanis Ore They’re Tanis 2-1 and #3 Team No Sleep 2-0. On the top half of the bracket, #8 Gear Gaming (previously named AwwOooLeedleLeedleLeedleLee) defeated #1 Miasma eSports 2-0 and #5 HecarimJ from UTA 2-1 to earn their own spot in the Grand Finals.


Previously, the highest Thunder Awaken had placed in The Gauntlet was 2nd during Week 1, while Gear Gaming won Week 3 (as AwwOooLeedleLeedleLeedleLee).


Game 1

Game 1 on Braxis Holdout featured an interesting trend reintroduced with the Probius patch: triple-warrior compositions. Thunder Awaken built their team around Sonya, Muradin and Zarya. This triple-warrior choice proved just as inefficient as it did earlier in the night when HecarimJ from UTA used Dehaka, E.T.C. and Anub’arak against Gear Gaming. Neither team was able to put out enough damage to challenge Gear Gaming.

Gear Gaming looked strong in both the Quarterfinals and Semifinals, but their Grand Finals appearance was defined by non-stop aggression. Within the first 7 minutes of Game 1, Gear Gaming already had 8 kills against Thunder Awaken, using well-timed crowd control combos on thier E.T.C., Malfurion and Alarak. After reaching level 10, Gear Gaming was able to achieve 100% on the Zerg beacon and pushed the top lane with the Zerg rush. Gear Gaming killed 2 heroes, destroyed the top Keep, and pushed to the Core to win Game 1 in under 9 minutes.


Game 2

For Game 2 on Cursed Hollow, Gear Gaming drafted a team composition with a lot of burst potential. With Tracer and Li-Ming following up possible roots from both Arthas and Malfurion, Thunder Awaken looked to have an uphill battle ahead of them. Gear Gaming was able to turn this game plan into a reality, jumping on Thunder Awaken for 2 kills within the first 23 seconds of the game.

Without letting up, Gear Gaming dominated the map, squeezing out close kills from skullKid on Tracer, and taking the first curse for themselves. By the end of the first curse, Thunder Awaken had lost all three of their Forts. After gaining a 3 level advantage, Gear Gaming pushed with the bottom Boss to take the bottom Keep, kill 4 of Thunder Awaken’s heroes, and end the game in 11 minutes.


Gear Gaming won the Season 1 Finals of The Gauntlet by defeating Thunder Awaken 2-0.


If you missed The Gauntlet Season 1 Finals, the video can be seen here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/128968644



Amateur Events for Next Week:


Saturday 3/18 9am PDT Heroes of the Dorm Round of 64 https://www.heroesofthedorm.com/watch
Sunday 3/19 9pm PDT Heroes of the Dorm Round of 64 https://www.heroesofthedorm.com/watch
Monday 3/20 TBA Heroes of the Dorm https://www.heroesofthedorm.com/watch
Monday 3/20 6pm PDT HGC Open Division Cup 4 https://www.twitch.tv/arcane8
Tuesday 3/21 TBA Heroes of the Dorm https://www.heroesofthedorm.com/watch
Tuesday 3/21 6pm PDT HGC Open Division Cup 4 Semifinals and Finals https://www.twitch.tv/arcane8
Wednesday 3/22 6pm PDT Heroes Hype Amateur Series Week 74 https://www.twitch.tv/heroes_hype