Heroes of the Dorm Update

Heroes of the Dorm: Super 16


Heroes of the Dorm is Blizzard’s first large-scale collegiate HotS event, organized by TeSPA. There were over 800 teams entered from over 400 colleges and universities from across the U.S. and Canada, making this the biggest Heroes of the Storm tournament to date. College students are fighting for the chance to have their entire tuition paid in full. Blizzard has partnered with ESPN to broadcast the event from the round of 16 onwards. This new venue brought us tons of excitement over the weekend, but was not without issue. Here are the major things to take away from what we saw during the Super 16.


-Professional appearance and production, from the casters to the camera men.

-Replays of important fights analyzed right after the game.

-Catered towards new viewers, accessible to traditional college sports fans.

-Fantasy brackets, complete with leaderboard and team statistics from earlier matches.

Highlight Videos to catch you up on any action that you missed.


-It was a bumpy road to get here (TeSPA site going down, delays, and after-the-fact rule changes).

-Hero drafting process did not follow the competitive standard of having 1 ban per team, which lead to Valla and Jaina being picked first nearly every game.

-Overlay was too simplified, alienating more experienced players/viewers.

-ESPN3 and Watch ESPN are only available to US viewers which caused some backlash. This was somewhat remedied by a twitch user restreaming live through his own channel, followed by an official rebroadcast on Wednesday through twitch.tv/blizzheroes.

-Lack of image quality settings, video freezing at the very end of the broadcast.

Epic Eight

Catch more of the action on ESPN3 and Watch ESPN this Saturday, April 18th. If you have feedback for the tournament, or want to cheer on your favorite team, make your voice heard by tweeting @BlizzHeroes with #StormTheDorm.