Heroes Hype Weekly Amateur Recap- March 25, 2017

HGC Open Division Cup 4:


This week gave amateur teams another chance to earn points in the HGC Open Division as we move past the halfway mark before the Phase 1 Playoffs. A big story of Cup 4 was the UT-Arlington Heroes of the Dorm team losing to Even in Death in the Semifinal round 0-2. UTA HOTD had won Cups 1 and 2 before sitting out during Cup 3, and are currently undefeated in the Heroes of the Dorm tournament.


After the loss, Yuuj tweeted: “FeelsBadMan. Though honestly glad we lost, learn more from losses and these matches don’t really matter too much. GGs to EiD though”. This sentiment was echoed in a tweet from Kure: “gg to EiD, my drafting and play needs lot of work, very wp tho! good to see that we are mortal so that we can work 2x as hard to win dorm”.


This set up the Final round between Even in Death and Looking for More eSports, featuring the one and only skeleton king in all three games: Leoric. LFM eSports took a relatively close Game 1 on Tomb of the Spider Queen after EiD overcommitted on a WebWeaver push in the top lane. EiD struck back during Game 2 on Cursed Hollow after LFM eSports allowed 60% of their Core health to be lost from catapult pressure. Despite having an early structure lead in Game 3 on Sky Temple, LFM was able to refortify their structures with BBJ on Malfurion taking M.U.L.E. at level 7. This talent choice allowed LFM to rebuild a nearly destroyed Keep back to health. Additionally, EiD simply could not outlast LFM eSports during team fights, eventually losing a close game.


LFM eSports won the HGC Open Division Cup 4 by defeating Even in Death 2-1.


After four tournaments, the Open Division Standings are now:


  1. LFM eSports – 280 points
  2. UTA – 270 points
  3. Imported Support – 245 points
  4. Even in Death – 170 points
  5. Team No Sleep – 70 points


The Grand FInals videos for the HGC Open Division Cup 4 can be seen here:


Heroes Hype – Amateur Series Week 74:


On Wednesday, Heroes Hype hosted their 74th Amateur Series tournament, giving amateur Heroes of the Storm teams a useful battleground for practice as well as competitive exposure. The Week 74 Finals pit 7th Empire against Yikes!


Game 1

On Cursed Hollow for Game 1, Yikes! boldly chose a solo Dehaka as their tank while 7th Empire banned Arthas right out of the gate as the second overall ban, showing a shift in priority with the recent patch.


Initially, 7th Empire’s team composition seemed to allow them to bully Yikes! around, but Yikes! struck back with a 2-0 team fight led by a great push from Tracer played by Allenarwf and a Li-Ming reset from Airwreka. The first eight minutes were relatively even as the teams traded blow for blow, tying one another with 6 kills each. Yikes! pulled off two additional kills just as their curse-point tribute spawned, allowing them to pull ahead in structures by destroying all 3 of 7th Empire Forts along with a two level lead.


In a move to catch up in experience, 7th Empire chose to secure the bottom Boss. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to assist it beyond the Fort as they had to return to their base to defend the top Boss encroaching on their Keep. After level 16, 7th Empire began to dictate the pace once they began to isolate Tracer with Tyrael’s (Dreadnought) Judgement, and turn one kill into two or three. After earning their own curse, 7th Empire split the positioning of Yikes! in two to kill three heroes and destroy the Core to win Game 1.


Game 2

During the draft for Game 2, 7th Empire again showed their distaste in playing against Arthas by banning the hero at the top of the draft. Yikes! opened Game 2 on Sky Temple by pushing 5 strong in the top lane, but was simply out-pushed by 7th Empire’s four-hero squad (Lunara, ‎Lúcio, Zarya, E.T.C.) in the bottom lane. These four heroes were able to destroy the bottom fort in the first minute and a half of the game, foreshadowing the pace and control of this game.


7th Empire’s team composition heavily relied on Lunara’s poison (played by Felix), and it certainly paid off for them. Combining Lunara’s slowing abilities with Unfair Advantage and ‎Lúcio’s movement speed enhancement, 7th Empire was able to consistently burn through the health pools of Yikes!. Controlling the map through constant kills and temple shots, 7th Empire never allowed Yikes! to catch up from a 4-level experience deficit. Game 2 ended with 7th Empire leading 15 kills to 1.


7th Empire won the Heroes Hype Amateur Series Week 74 tournament by defeating Yikes! 2-0.


If you missed the Amateur Series Week 74, the video can be seen here.


Amateur teams can register now for the Amateur Series Week 75 via Battlefly.


The Maelstrom Tournament Series #1


On Tuesday and Thursday, Gear Gaming hosted their Amateur week for The Maelstrom Tournament. The top four amateur teams at the end of Thursday will play four invited HGC pro teams (Gale Force eSports, No Tomorrow, SuperStars, and Team Naventic) beginning on Tuesday March 28th. This week’s tournament narrowed down the entered amateur teams to the following four:


  1. Imported Support
  2. Gear Gaming
  3. 3D
  4. Thunder Awaken


Tuesday’s games can be watched here and here. Thursday’s portion of The Maelstrom Tournament can be seen here.


Amateur Events for Next Week:



Saturday 3/25 10am PDT Heroes of the Dorm Round of 16 https://www.heroesofthedorm.com/watch
Sunday 3/26 12pm PDT Heroes of the Dorm Round of 8 https://www.heroesofthedorm.com/watch
Tuesday 3/28 6pm PDT The Maelstrom Quarterfinals https://www.twitch.tv/geargamingesports
Wednesday 3/29 6pm PDT Heroes Hype Amateur Series Week 75 https://www.twitch.tv/heroes_hype
Thursday 3/30 6pm PDT The Maelstrom Quarterfinals https://www.twitch.tv/geargamingesports