Heroes Hype Weekly Amateur Recap – April 27, 2017

Heroes Hype Tempo Storm Series 1 – Week 2:


The Heroes Hype Tempo Storm Series 1 continued this week with Week 2 of the six-week amateur Heroes of the Storm tournament. This week saw 4 Guys and a Legend (4GL) facing off against The New Guys (TNG) for the Finals in the first tournament since the massive Heroes of the Storm 2.0 changes were introduced. This update brought some exciting new choices in the amateur scene meta. For example, Uther was either banned or picked in all three games for the Finals, while Li Li was also ready for adventure!


Game 1 – Infernal Shrines


4 Guys and a Legend: Johanna, Lúcio, Uther, Valla, Lunara

The New Guys: Muradin, Malfurion, Li Li, Greymane, Kael’thas


Game 1 set an interesting standard for the majority of the Finals, double Support compositions. Uther served as a great second support for stuns and building up the armor for teammates who needed it, while on the other end Li Li’s new damage and blinds worked well against two auto attack heroes.


Even though we saw excellent macro play from The New Guys in the quarterfinals, they didn’t quite seem in sync this game, capturing a Bruiser camp immediately after defending 4 Guys and a Legend’s second Punisher. This effectively wasted the camp and demonstrated the missed opportunities on TNG’s side for Game 1.


TNG had to give up multiple shrine phases due to uneven talent tiers, allowing 4GL to win all 5 Punishers in the map. During the 4th Punisher, 4GL was able to destroy the middle Keep, rotating to the top Keep for even more destruction. TNG put on a great chase however, killing both Valla and Lúcio, only losing Greymane from massive damage being dished out by Lunara.


Later, TNG continued to show signs of life, with a well-timed Gravity Lapse by Attaro going into a excellent Twilight Dream from Phoenix, obliterating Lunara in the process. Following this kill, TNG pushed the bottom lane to no avail. By winning the 5th Punisher in the bottom lane, 4GL had a steep hill to climb since TNG still had both their Keep and Fort remaining. However, these were small obstacles for 4GL, as they pushed with the Punisher to destroy first the Fort, then the Keep, and finally whittle down the half-health Core to win Game 1.


Game 2 – Cursed Hollow


4 Guys and a Legend: Muradin, Varian, Lúcio, Abathur, Valla

The New Guys: Johanna, Uther, Auriel, Li-Ming, Cassia


Just like last week, Muradin in the Finals picked up Perfect Storm, although this week it was being played by Jin. The talent choice made sense with the lack of damage on the side of 4 Guys and a Legend, which certainly set them back in the early game prior to level 10. The New Guys were able to capitalize on the weak early game of Abathur by capturing the first two tributes.


Level 10 came too late for 4GL, as they were weak from attempting to stall curse point, allowing TNG to pick up the tribute and spawn a curse for their side. During the curse, 4GL was able to secure a 3-0 team fight, minimizing the damage from the curse itself. Coming off these kills, 4GL captured their own boss and took the lead in experience, thus swinging the momentum of the match in their favor.


Despite TNG pulling ahead on kills and capturing their own Boss on top, 4GL stayed ahead with the global pressure of Abathur. But in a close game like this, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, as TNG captured their third tribute for another curse. They were able to get a lot more value out of this curse, taking 4GL’s bottom Keep and rotating up to destroy the middle Keep as well. Additionally, they postured to take the Core after killing Valla, but 4GL managed to knock down both Cassia and Li-Ming, forcing TNG to retreat.


4GL decided to press this newly created advantage and take the top Boss, which could have ended the game if they didn’t invade TNG’s bruiser camp, forcing 4GL to lose Lúcio in the process. Shortly after, history repeated itself when 4GL took the bottom boss and lost both Valla and Varian immediately after. Ultimately, the teams ended up racing for one another’s Core, with TNG winning a very tight Game 2.


Game 3 – Tomb of the Spider Queen


4 Guys and a Legend: Johanna, Arthas, Lúcio, Valla, Probius

The New Guys: Muradin, Zarya, Malfurion, Kael’thas, Lunara


Game 3 brought some more standard team compositions with the teams moving away from the double-support picks. Once the game began, 4 Guys and a Legend set an aggressive tone early, securing three kills within the first two minutes by establishing a stranglehold on the top and middle lanes with strong Probius play coming from Legend and slick rotations out of the 4-hero group.


4GL didn’t take their foot off the accelerator, earning level 10 first and turning in for their second Webweaver of the game. This Webweaver allowed 4GL to destroy TNG’s top and middle Forts while putting a significant dent in the outside walls of the Keeps as well. 4GL continued to show the upper hand in macro play as they perfectly timed a Boss capture to counter TNG’s first Webweaver spawn. This placed 4GL three levels ahead in experience.


This experience gap played a large hand in team fight near the bottom turn in, as 4GL was able to wipe out 4 heroes from TNG, forcing them to drop over 30 gems and stick with the talent-tier advantage. With their third Webweaver spawn, 4GL was able to destroy both the middle and top Keep, continuing their dominance in Game 3.


Finally, TNG attempts a 5v4 team fight on an even talent tier (levels 17 vs. 19), but without fully committing they aren’t able to kill anyone else on 4GL’s side. After picking up the Boss, 4GL marched alongside it for victory in Game 3 and the series.


4 Guys and a Legend won the Heroes Hype Tempo Storm Series Week 2 tournament by defeating The New Guys 2-1.


The standings for the Heroes Hype Tempo Storm Series are now:

  • Team Naas – 9 points
  • Players Unknown – 8 points
  • 4 Guys and a Legend – 7 points
  • Blank – 6 points
  • 7th Empire – 6 points
  • The New Guys – 6 points
  • Order of the Sleeping Dragon – 4 points
  • Miasma eSports – 4 points
  • Full Standings can be seen here.


If you missed Week 2, the video can be viewed here.


Amateur teams can register now for the Week 3 via Battlefly here.


Amateur Events for Next Week:

Monday 5/1/17 6 PM PDT HGC Open Division Cup 7 Opening Rounds  



Tuesday 5/2/17 6 PM PDT HGC Open Division Cup 7 Semifinals and Finals  



Wednesday 5/3/17 6 PM PDT Heroes Hype Tempo Storm Series 1 – Week 3