Heroes Hype Weekly Amateur Recap – April 21, 2017

HGC Open Division Cup 6:


On Monday and Tuesday, amateur Heroes of the Storm teams had their second-to-last opportunity to earn points for the HGC Open Division. Following Cup 7 on May 1st and 2nd, the top 16 Open Division teams will be enter the Phase 1 Playoffs. The top two teams after the Phase 1 Playoffs will get to challenge the bottom two HGC Pro teams for a coveted professional spot!  


LFM eSports continued their HGC Open Division dominance, earning their fifth appearance in the Grand Finals out of the six tournaments. Their opponent had qualified for the Grand Finals four times: Imported Support.


Game 1 on Infernal Shrines showcased some great macro play by Imported Support, bolstered by strong wave clear in Johanna, Leoric and Gul’dan. With constant Punisher victories, Imported Support was able to remain two levels above LFM and dictate the pace for a Game 1 victory. Game 2 on Tomb of the Spider Queen flipped the tone of the series, as LFM used their first WebWeaver turn in to slingshot above Imported Support in structures and their own two level lead. Led by the dangerous Valla/Tassadar combo and well-timed Entombs from HecarimJ, LFM had the upper hand throughout for a Game 2 win. Game 3 on Dragon Shire began with a tense ten and half minute back-and-forth dance to pick up the first Dragon Knight, which LFM eventually secured. A very close game throughout, LFM was able to win after a 3-0 team fight 26 minutes in.


LFM eSports won the HGC Open Division Cup 6 by defeating Imported Support 2-1. This was their third HGC Open Division championship in a row.


After six tournaments, the Open Division Standings are now:


  1. LFM eSports – 520 points
  2. Imported Support – 385 points
  3. UTA HOTD – 300 points
  4. Even in Death – 240 points
  5. Vox and the Busted Bullets – 80 points


Full HGC Open Division standings can be seen here.


The Semifinals and  Grand Finals for the HGC Open Division Cup 6 can be watched here.


Heroes Hype Tempo Storm Series 1 – Week 1: :


On Wednesday night, Heroes Hype and Tempo Storm hosted Week 1 of a new six-week tournament series for amateur Heroes of the Storm teams (click here for more information). Emerging from the 21 competing teams were Players Unknown and Blank in the Grand Finals. Players Unknown formed two days prior to the tournament and features three players currently in the Top 25 of the Grandmaster Leaderboard, while Blank was a quarterfinalist in the HGC Open Division Cup 6 earlier this week, taking a game off of the champions LFM eSports.


Game 1 – Towers of Doom

During the draft for Game 1, Blank first-picked Malfurion, allowing Players Unknown to pick up a devastating Medivh for Domovarian as well as Arthas, which MiST had been solid on all night.

Players Unknown drew first blood off of an aggressive blocked rotation and took an early lead in tower shots during the first altar phase. Blank was not far behind as they kept up on experience and were able to reset the stacks on Medivh’s Masters Touch.


Twelve minutes in Blank was able to lock down an out of position Rehgar, leading to an additional two kills prior to a critical three-altar phase. This timing allowed Blank to secure two of the altars and bring the teams even again on Core health. However, they weren’t fast enough on the third altar and the recently resurrected heroes from Players Unknown retaliated with their own three kills to snag the third altar and Boss. From this point on, Players Unknown controlled the rest of the game.


For the second game in the tournament, Pichante’s choice of Wind Tunnel as Falstad’s level 20 talent helped deliver the game. Using Mighty Gust to zone Blank’s heroes away from the Boss, Players Unknown was able to capture it to secure victory in a close Game 1.


Game 2 – Dragon Shire

Following a familiar drafting pattern, Zarya and Tassadar were once again the first bans in the draft for Game 2. This echoed the first bans during Game 1 of the Grand Finals and the Semifinals. Blank walked away with a fairly standard draft of Muradin, Dehaka, Malfurion, Greymane and Li-Ming, while Players Unknown threw both Leoric and Probius into the mix. Grizz made an interesting talent choice for Muradin’s level 1 in Perfect Storm, attempting to build Storm Bolt’s damage in both games of the Grand Finals. Third Wind may have been more useful against the damage that Players Unknown was able to consistently put out.


Players Unknown was able to capture the first Dragon Knight of the game, but a lot of it’s usefulness was mitigated as Blank walked away with two kills right as the Dragon came out. After both teams reached level 10, Players Unknown successfully invaded an aggressive mercenary fight that Blank chose to take, which ultimately cost Blank four heroes and the second Dragon Knight.


By the third Dragon Knight, Players Unknown had clear structure advantage. Players Unknown still retained all of their Forts while Blank was missing their bottom Keep, which became the win condition after Players Unknown won a team fight over the bottom shrine 5-1, allowing them to head straight to the Core and win Game 2.   


Players Unknown won the Heroes Hype Tempo Storm Series Week 1 tournament by defeating Blank 2-0.


The standings for the Heroes Hype Tempo Storm Series are now:


If you missed Week 1, the video can be viewed here.


Amateur teams can register now for the Week 2 via Battlefly here.


Amateur Events for Next Week:


Wednesday 4/26/17 6 PM PDT Heroes Hype Tempo Storm Series 1 – Week 2 https://www.twitch.tv/heroes_hype