Grubby's One-Stop Guides

You may know Grubby from way back in his early Starcraft days, or more recently from casting Heroes of the Dorm. He has also put together some fantastic video guides for specific Heroes and Battlegrounds, with more planned in the future. Check them out!




 Sky Temple

Sgt. Hammer




On the horizon, there are guides planned for Chen (ETA: 1st week of May), Rehgar (ETA: 1st week of May), Blackheart’s Bay (ETA: 3rd week of May), The Lost Vikings (ETA: 4th week of May), and Murky (ETA: June). Subscribe to Grubby’s Youtube channel so you can stay up to date!

  • One-Stop Chen Guide (ETA: 1st week of May)
  • One-Stop Rehgar Guide (ETA: 1st week of May)
  • One-Stop Blackheart Bay Guide (ETA: 3rd week of May)
  • One-Stop The Lost Vikings Guide (ETA: 4th week of May)
  • One-Stop Murky Guide (ETA: June)