Gauntlet Season 1 Pre Finals Hype

The Gauntlet Season 1 Finals are just around the corner, and there is plenty to be excited about for the end of this six week tournament. The Top 8 teams from Weeks 1-5 will be battling it out for a $500+ prize pool which includes a set of HyperX keyboards for the 1st place team, a set of HyperX Cloud headsets for 2nd place, HyperX mousepads for 3rd place in addition to cash for 1st-3rd. If that’s not enough to get you pumped, the Finals will be casted by Grizz as well as Michael Udall from Gale Force eSports in his Heroes of the Storm casting debut!



In preparation for the Finals tomorrow, we wanted to know a little more about the teams participating in the tournament, so we asked members from 3 of the Top 8 teams about their strengths, pre-tournament rituals, and anticipated matchups. Thank you to Ethix of Miasma eSports, Hoss of HecarimJ from UTA and AyyLMAO of AwwOooLeedleLeedleLeedleLee for their responses.


Going into the Season 1 Finals, what is your biggest strength as a team?


Ethix, Miasma eSports: “I think our biggest strength is our flexibility. Rather than committing to one play style, we tend to exploit our opponents’ weaknesses and play to the strength of our drafts.”


Hoss, HecarimJ from UTA: “The main strength is that we have our eyes on a task ahead of us and we’re determined to get there. $500,000 is a hell of a lot of money and Heroes Hype is part of that journey to get there. Vengeful from LSU deserves a big shoutout too.


Knowing that we are a Dorm team and that everyone wants to improve without feeling like their spot is a risk is a huge thing. Too many times amateur teams form and change rosters. It’s been 5 weeks of HH and NewTeamNewMe went through changes, Miasma has gone through changes and so have other teams. We can’t change. So we improve.”


AyyLMAO, AwwOooLeedleLeedleLeedleLee: “Our experience is probably our biggest strength. We have all been playing this game since the beginning, and have been around the competitive scene for awhile. Our roster is fairly new, and we have not had much time to practice as a group, but having 5 players who can all make plays and decisions on their own makes things a lot easier.”


Do you have any specific rituals you perform before every tournament?


Ethix, Miasma eSports: “I don’t have any specific rituals, but one thing I do before the start of any tournament is consciously raise the energy level of my team in comms. From the outside, it probably looks like me just being obnoxious and yelling in Discord, but my goal is to get people out of their own heads and engaged in the present. We reel it all in with our unofficial phrase “Let’s F** Go” and focus all that energy and excitement on the coming match.”


Hoss, HecarimJ from UTA: “Just warm up scrims. Nothing special.”


AyyLMAO, AwwOooLeedleLeedleLeedleLee: “Listening to at least 20 minutes of Dimmadubstep.”



Is there a matchup in the Season 1 Finals that you are looking forward to?


Ethix, Miasma eSports: “I am definitely looking forward to playing AwwOooLeedleLeedleLeedleLee the most. Needham, Percival, and Skullkid are all friends and ex teammates of mine (R.I.P. RFS). I have a lot of love and respect for those guys. That being said, we are going to give them a quick exit from this tournament in the first round.”


Hoss, HecarimJ from UTA: “Looking forward to the Miasma game. We lost 2-1 to them in
Week 2 so getting some revenge would be nice. The Ninjahood game should be pretty easy, and the same for the semifinal. The final should be a good match and we hope that we win. Winds needs a keyboard for Dorm finals.“


AyyLMAO, AwwOooLeedleLeedleLeedleLee: “Can’t say we are exactly looking forward to any matchup in particular. There are a few decent teams in the tournament, but we are confident that if we play and execute that we will come out on top versus any of the teams.”



On Wednesday March 15th at 6pm Pacific, 8 teams will enter The Gauntlet for the final time in Season 1. Who will emerge as the Season 1 champion and claim their set of HyperX keyboards? Tune in to to find out!