Community Roundup 4/23

Twitch channels

Eye on the Storm

Eye on the Storm explores heroes and maps, hosted on MissCliks by @GillyweedSC2 and @AnnaProsser. This week, Episode 30 covered keys to success in esports, and the differences between competitive HotS vs. Starcraft with  @EGSuppy. Tune in Thursdays at 7:15pm PST on

Metallica Performing Live at BlizzCon® 2014

Town Hall Heroes

Town Hall Heroes gathers @SolidJakeGG @TheCooby @schamtoo and @TempoZoia. This week, Episode 60 discusses Heroes of the Dorm UI with @MattSchembari, the difference between NA and EU competitive scenes, and more. Tune in Wednesdays at 6pm PST on


Metallica Performing Live at BlizzCon® 2014


Stormcast podcast discusses different topics with @mickmontgomery and @notchplaysgames. Latest Episode 39 features a range of topics including the Blizzcon tickets, combating afk players, and more!


Into The Nexus

Into the Nexus is a podcast hosted by Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle FergussonEpisode #47: “Is bad. Will fix” covers Abathur backdoor strategies, a potential Lord Jaraxxus hero, and more!



Lords of the Storm

Lords of the Storm hosts a weekly show to discuss all things Heroes. Episode 8: You’re A Thing! discusses the Lords of the Lane and Titan Arena tournaments, Brightwing builds, matchmaking!


Youtube videos


Epic Plays of the Week

Epic Plays of the Week Ep. 27 by @kendricswish brings us clips including a Sylvanas with a huge play, and a last-second assassination by Zeratul.


Heroes Hottest Plays

Heroes Hottest Plays Ep. 26 by HeroesForecast has a miraculous 1% Core defense, and Sylvanas on the run for her life.

Clip of the Week

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Muradin.