Community Roundup 4/2

Twitch channels

Eye on the Storm

Eye on the Storm explores heroes and maps, hosted on MissCliks by @GillyweedSC2 and @AnnaProsser. This week, Episode 27 brings the megadeath with the rock god E.T.C., with special guest @coL_Erho! Tune in Thursdays at 7:15pm PST on

Metallica Performing Live at BlizzCon® 2014

Town Hall Heroes

Town Hall Heroes gathers @SolidJakeGG @TheCooby @schamtoo and @IvdZoia. This week, Episode 57 discusses  the ever-evolving meta with ESL Season 1 champion, Cloud 9 Maelstrom’s @Dunktrain. Tune in Tuesdays at 6pm PST on


Metallica Performing Live at BlizzCon® 2014


Stormcast podcast discusses different topics with @mickmontgomery and @notchplaysgames. Latest Episode 36 features David Troy from Heroes of the Nexus, and a range of topics including Sylvanas, the Tomb of the Spider Queen, Heroes of the Dorm, and more!


Into The Nexus

Into the Nexus is a podcast hosted by Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle FergussonEpisode #44: The Banshee Queen covers the new hero and map, while also discussing Team League and balance patch notes.

Youtube videos

Epic Plays of the Week

Epic Plays of the Week Ep. 24 by @kendricswish brings us clips including pandamonium with Chen and Li Li, and the infamous Sky Temple throw pit.

Heroes Random Moments

Heroes Random Moments Ep. 10 by Burst has Tyrael taking a ride on the Judgement roller coaster.

Clip of the Week

There is no escaping Justice itself!