Community Roundup 4/16

Twitch channels

Eye on the Storm

Eye on the Storm explores heroes and maps, hosted on MissCliks by @GillyweedSC2 and @AnnaProsser. This week, Episode 29 covered how to analyze replays and improve as a team, as well as some Murky play with @2ARCFuriousD. Tune in Thursdays at 7:15pm PST on

Metallica Performing Live at BlizzCon® 2014

Town Hall Heroes

Town Hall Heroes gathers @SolidJakeGG @TheCooby @schamtoo and @IvdZoia. This week, Episode 59 discusses Heroes of the Dorm Super 16, the European metagame, and ESL Season 2 with @SK_Bakery. Tune in Tuesdays at 6pm PST on


Metallica Performing Live at BlizzCon® 2014


Stormcast podcast discusses different topics with @mickmontgomery and @notchplaysgames. Latest Episode 38 features a range of topics including the Heroes of the Dorm observer UI, game statistics, and more!


Into The Nexus

Into the Nexus is a podcast hosted by Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle FergussonEpisode #46: Support vs. Support covers supports (obviously), Heroes of the Dorm fantasy brackets, and more!



Lords of the Storm

Lords of the Storm hosts a weekly show to discuss all things Heroes. Episode 7: Crushin’ on Sylvanas discusses the tournament scene, Jaina builds, matchmaking, and more!


Youtube videos


Epic Plays of the Week

Epic Plays of the Week Ep. 26 by @kendricswish brings us clips including a Murky on a mission to steal the boss, and Tyrael with an amazing read on an enemy Stitches.


Heroes Hottest Plays

Heroes Hottest Plays Ep. 25 by HeroesForecast has a Diablo who simply refuses to die, and an incredible Heroic combo by Thrall and Falstad.

Clip of the Week

What happens when a large keg wanders into a Boss pit full of enemies? Let’s find out…