Community Roundup 2/13

Eye on the Storm

Eye on the Storm explores heroes and maps, hosted on MissCliks by @GillyweedSC2 and @AnnaProsser. Last week, Episode 20 covers some shotcalling insight with C9 Sheth! Tune in Thurs 7:15pm PST.


Metallica Performing Live at BlizzCon® 2014

Town Hall Heroes

Town Hall Heroes gathers @SolidJakeGG @TheCooby @schamtoo and @IvdZoia. This week, Episode 49 discusses the current week in esports with Barrel Boys’ McIntyre! Tune in Tuesdays 6pm PST.

Picklec0pter’s Top Plays of the Week

Picklec0pter’s Top 5 showcases a fun compilation of skilled, humorous, ridiculous, and plain amazing highlights from our beloved game. Week 25 brings us some fun with Abathur, our favorite worm!

Metallica Performing Live at BlizzCon® 2014


Stormcast podcast discusses different topics with @mickmontgomery and @notchplaysgames. Latest Episode 29 discusses Lunar Skin Bundle, Merc Camps, Stitches with Podcaster/Streamer Xantar!

Metallica Performing Live at BlizzCon® 2014


Stormwatch podcast discusses different topics with @abrA, @LEV_Maid, @Xavus. An older Episode 5 chats about the last patch when it came out. A good throwback!