Blue Post Batch 2/12: Lost Vikings, Patch, Ranked Play, New Skins

2/10: Lost Vikings!

The Lost Vikings are an iconic group from early Blizzard history, so it’s exciting to see them revamped in Heroes of the Storm. Game Designer John Hodgson gives us insight into the design process of this unique triad in the Developer Insights blog.

Some fantastic skins are in the works for them, such as Pajama Party Lost Vikings.















They also have very unique skills that complement each other, and a fun classic ultimate ability allows them to jump into their longboat that shoots a rapid fire cannon as Vikings do! Check out more of their interesting skills.

2/10: Closed Beta Patch Notes

Another large patch comes out, introducing the Lost Vikings, a beautiful new profile system, and lots of hero talent changes! A lot of changes to the Rewind talent as well as new talents added to some heroes at level 20. Take a look for the details.

2/9 Ranked Play

We in the community have given Blizzard a lot of feedback regarding Ranked Play that was released with the Jan 13 Closed Beta patch. They’ve replied with some insight. Ranks and ranked points have been released for playtesting but there are improvements in the works to make point gains more engaging. As the player population grows, the matchmaking system will also become more even.

Team League is coming and dedicated five player teams will be able to compete together in ranked play against other five player teams. This team will receive an overall rank, not for the individuals. A new draft mode (First Come First Served) allows anyone on the roster to select a hero during the pick phase.

2/6 New Skins Coming Soon!

Look forward to these skins in development:

  • Harlequin Nazeebo and his Gargantuan, Ravenous Spirit, and Zombie Wall
  • Pajama Party Lost Vikings
  • Master Lost Vikings
  • Tempest Regalia Jaina
  • Love Bug Anub’arak
  • Zerg Hunter Zeratul