Blue Post Batch 1/9: New Skins/Mounts, Brawl w the Blues, EU Price Change

1/9: New Skins and Mounts!

Blizzard has released a video showcasing their new skins and mounts in development. The theme revolves around Luxorian and Lunar New Year, so keep an eye out for your favorite mystical and festive heroes.

  • Elder Chen
  • Crypt King Tassadar
  • Festival Li Li
  • Luxorian Monkey Brightwing
  • Lunar Tiger Mount
  • Magic Carpet Mount
  • Thrall
  • Master Thrall
  • Hellhammer Thrall
  • Desert Queen Zagara

1/7: Brawl w/ the Blues

Don’t miss the Closed Beta Edition of Brawl with the Blues on new content such as heroes, skins, and battleground in Custom Games and Quick Match mode! Watch our calendar ticker for Wednesday, January 14th at 11am PST on Twitch to see some entertaining community members play games and answer questions with Trikslyr and Spyrian!


The fun four include:

1/2: EU Price Change

Due to some regional currency shifts, euro prices were increased in the game shop starting 1/5. Don’t fret though, as weekly are coming soon with the launch of closed beta.


Mivandeir states, “we’re planning to roll out weekly sales starting with Arthas, Crown Prince Arthas, and Vampire Slayer Valla at 50% off with the launch of the closed beta test on January 13, 2015.”