Blue Post Batch 1/30: Lunar Festival Items + Portrait

1/20: Purchase Founder’s Pack to join Closed Beta

Celebrate Lunar Festival with new Chen and Lili skins, and a new Lunar Tiger mount. If you play 10 games between 1/27 and 3/3, you will also receive a special Lunar Festival portrait!

New Skins

  • Elder Chen Skin — $9.99 USD
  • Festival Li Li Skin — $9.99 USD

Lunar Festival Complete Bundle — $32.96 USD

  • Lunar Tiger Mount
  • Chen + Elder Chen Skin
  • Li Li + Festival Li Li Skin

Lunar Festival Skin Bundle — $22.47 USD

  • Lunar Tiger Mount
  • Elder Chen Skin
  • Festival Li Li Skin

1/27 Shop Updates

Spyrian lists:

Item Removals
With the start of our Lunar Festival event, the following items have been removed from the Heroes Shop:

  • Hellhammer Thrall Bundle
  • Luxoria Complete Bundle
  • Luxoria Skin Bundle

Price Changes

  • Thrall’s Gold price has been reduced from 15,000 to 10,000