Blue Post Batch 12/26: Holiday XP Boost, Alpha Portraits, 2014 review

12/24: Holiday XP Boost

Between Dec 24 and Jan 1, players will get a 25% XP boost. It will also stack with stimpacks!


12/24: Alpha Portraits

As if being in the Alpha weren’t special enough, any players that have played a game during the Technical Alpha will receive an unique portrait when Closed Beta starts on Jan 13, 2015. Any players that reach Level 40 in the Alpha will be getting a second unique portrait. Take advantage of the holiday XP boost!


12/22: Year in Review 2014

2014 marks the beginning of our journey with the Technical Alpha for Heroes of the Storm, as well as all the hype at PAX East, gamescom, PAX Prime, and Blizzcon!


Some great numbers from 2014: 32 Heroes, 5 Battlegrounds, 111 Skins, 12 Mounts, 369 Tints, and 6 major patches! What bigger numbers can we expect next year?  In 2015, we are looking to get updates on Ranked Play, Draft Mode, Social Systems, and of course, Closed Beta on Jan 13th.