Blue Post Batch 12/16: Stimpacks fixed, Skins without Hero Ownership, Indirect Shadows graphic setting

12/11: Stimpacks

Stimpacks are now hotfixed for all regions. Spyrian explains, “Please be advised that Stimpacks may still award their bonuses intermittently for the next few days, but today’s fix should help to reduce the occurrence of the issue.” The overly long queue times have also been fixed.


Spyrian’s original announcement describes how stimpacks work:

  • A Stimpack’s XP bonus will only affect your out-of-game Hero and Player Level Progression, and has no effect on actual gameplay during a Heroes match.
  • Stimpack benefits are additive. This means the bonuses they provide are added to the base amount of XP or Gold you receive by playing a game of Heroes.
    • For example: Imagine you have an active Stimpack, and earned 100,000 XP and 30 Gold for winning your latest Heroes match. In this case, the Stimpack will award you with an additional100,000 XP and 45 Gold, totaling 200,000 XP and 75 Gold for that game.
  • Stimpacks will not provide benefits to any Quest rewards or other XP bonuses (such as Play with Friend, Double XP Weekend, and etc.)
    • Another example: Let’s say that you partied with a friend for the 50% Play with Friend XP bonus, and also completed a Daily Quest for 200 Gold during the winning game mentioned above. In this case, you’d earn a total of 250,000 XP and 275 Gold for that match.

12/4: Skin and Hero Ownership

For those of you buying skins and bundles, you won’t be able to use a purchased skin unless you own the hero or the hero comes on the free rotation.


Vaeflare clarifies that if you buy the Winter Veil Bundle (which includes Reign-deer Mount, Hero Jaina, Winter Veil Jaina Skin, and Great-father Winter Rehgar Skin), and you don’t own Rehgar, you will only be able to use his skin when you either buy Hero Rehgar or he is on the free rotation. This applies to the other skins you may purchase separately.

12/3: Indirect Shadows graphic setting

The “Indirect Shadows” setting has been activated in the Dec 2 patch, for those who play on the “Extreme” graphics quality.


This setting will improve shadow quality in-game but place graphics cards under a heavy load. Spyrian troubleshoots, “If you are experiencing reduced framerates or stuttering during gameplay after our latest patch, please turn off Indirect Shadows to see if that improves your experience.”