Blue Post Batch 1/16: Closed Beta Patch, Dev Insights, XP Boost

1/16: Closed Beta XP Boost!

To celebrate Closed Beta, players in Americas between 1/16 and 1/18 will receive a free 100% XP boost. It will stack with Stimpacks.1-16closedbeta


1/16: Developer Insights: Sky Temple

The newest battleground, Sky Temple, has been released with Closed Beta! Senior Technical Designer Meng Song dives into the design process behind this map and answers questions from community members in the latest Developer Insights blog.



1/12: Thrall, Thrall, Thrall!

Thrall is the latest hero to be released with Closed Beta. Game Designer Kent-Erik Hagman discusses Thrall and the design process for his talents and role in the game. Thrall’s hero page also dives deeper into battleground tips, skins, and more.


In the latest From the Bullpen blog of a Tale of Two Shamans, Technical Designer John Hodgson talks in depth about the top-down design process used for Thrall, versus the bottom-up design process that Rehgar went through.


1/13: Closed Beta Patch Notes + Undocumented Notes

Closed Beta is here and this overview will give you a high level idea of what has been added. The more detailed Patch Notes list out all the changes that were introduced. Lots of significant changes, including the removal of the talent “Resurgence of the Storm.”


Community member Ahli also lists out plenty of undocumented patch notes that you may not have noticed!