Announcing the All Star Brawl!


Heroes Hype is excited to announce our upcoming All Star Brawl showcasing players from the top NA teams of the Alpha! Players from 2ARC Iliad, C9 Maelstrom, C9 Vortex, Glorious, and SMG will brawl it out!

Fourcourtjester and Kevin Knocke will be casting this epic Best-of-Three showmatch on Jan 7th, 6PM PST.

Leading up to the to the match we’ll be releasing some interviews and polls. Keep an eye out for Anna Prosser and Gillyweed conducting some fun interviews!

Rules: 1 Ban, Normal Draft. A designated team will have first map strike. Thereafter, teams cannot pick a map they have already won on. Teams can pick a map again that they have lost on. If both teams agree, any map is fine.


2ARC Iliad – QuibsY

C9 Maelstrom – Zuna, Kenma, Dunktrain

C9 Vortex – Bobbyhankhil, iDream

Glorious – Glaurung

SMG – Dreadnaught, Arthelon, So1dier


Special thanks to Korlane for helping organize!