Altered Fates and Winter Veil 2014 Skins, Bundles, and awesome Mount available!

Now you can pick up Altered Fates and Winter Veil Skins!

New Altered Fates Skins:

  • Betrayer Malfurion for $9.99,
  • Warden Tyrande for $7.49,
  • both skins in the Altered Fates Skin Bundle for $13.11,
  • both heroes and skins Altered Fates Complete Bundle for $22.47.

New Winter Veil Skins:

  • Winter Veil Jaina for $9.99,
  • Great-father Winter Rehgar for $9.99,
  • Reign-deer Mount for $9.99.
  • Winter Veil Complete Bundle for $29.97 gives you the Reign-deer Mount, Hero Jaina, Winter Veil Jaina Skin, and Great-father Winter Rehgar Skin
  • Winter Veil Jaina Bundle for $14.98 includes Hero Jaina and Winter Veil Jaina Skin.

The newest hero, Jaina, has been reduced to 10,000 gold (from 15,000 gold).

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Betrayer Malfurion


Warden Tyrande


Great-father Winter Rehgar


Winter Veil Jaina


Reign-deer Mount


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